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The Role of Storage Racks in Maintaining Beer Quality and Consistency

The longer you store your beer and the more you transport it, the more likely it is to become “skunked.” Skunking can happen for many reasons, all of which involve improper storage that leads to light, temperature and oxygen contamination.

Proper beer storage is the single most important thing you can do to keep your beer’s integrity from the moment it’s bottled or canned until it’s ready for consumption. Polymer Solutions International Inc. is dedicated to delivering personalized storage solutions that help you keep your craft beer exactly as you prefer it. Our storage racks are suitable for any industry application, from the original packaging facility to the bars and stores keeping your beverage in stock.

How to Maintain Beer Quality

So, what’s the best way to store beer that maintains quality? Learning how to store beer is a vital part of growing your brewery, particularly if you want to experiment with your aging process to develop new flavors and fermentation methods.

The good news is that most beers are shelf stable, so once you determine the proper conditions for storage, you can store your prized beverages almost indefinitely. The storage conditions, though, are what you must pay close attention to. Once you have a space to keep your beer, make sure you focus on:

  • Climate control: The best long-term storage space for any shelf-stable product is a cool, dark location. Beer, like any other product, can change when exposed to excess light, UV rays and heat.
  • Date tracking: Even if you can store your product indefinitely, after some time, it will begin losing quality and stability. Make sure you rotate your stock consistently, always pushing out the beers with the soonest “expiration” date to make room for fresh storage.
  • Proper packaging: While canning or bottling your drinks using best practices is essential to maintaining hops, alcohol concentration and overall hygiene, that’s only the beginning of storage packaging. Utilizing tools like pallets and racks help keep your beers in position, even if you knock into them or they get moved around.

Order Storage Racks for Craft Beer Today

The importance of correct beer handling and storage cannot be overstated. Storage racks for craft beer like the ones available from Polymer Solutions International Inc. are the ideal solution to skunking, damage and other situations that may prevent your consumers from tasting your drinks how they were meant to be. Request a quote on our custom storage solutions and start saving your beer today.

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