Strong and Durable Heavy-Duty Hygienic Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets play an important role in the safe storage and transport of your goods, whether you work in the food processing, beverage or warehouse industry. You need reliable, durable plastic pallets that won’t buckle under heavy loads. When you’re dealing with the day-to-day operations of your business, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your pallets are up for holding or hauling your goods. They’re building blocks you need to be able to depend on day in and day out, without a second thought.

ProTech plastic palletFor low-profile plastic pallets you can rely on, check out our ProTech Pallets. Our unique one-piece, molded design has flow-through technology just in case it gets wet. Warehouses and cargo bays can be musty, dank and smelly. Our hygienic plastic pallets are ideal for such conditions. They resist insect infestation, as well as mold and bacteria. Wooden pallets certainly can’t say the same.

When you use our plastic pallets, cleaning is a breeze because the surface is easy to wipe or hose down. It dries quickly and is ready for use again for whatever you need to be unloaded. Buying a ProTech Pallet offers your company greater flexibility in terms of space and money. You’ll save both in the long run with our products.




The Details on Our Low-Profile Plastic Pallets

Made from high-density polyethylene, ProTech Pallets measure 48 by 40 inches and stand just over five inches high. They can handle big loads, but they weigh just 42 pounds themselves, meaning a single worker can easily handle one or two pallets. They have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio as well. You’ll love the ability to stack our pallets with a surprising amount of product and see that they can still handle more. We made our leg design thicker than other similar products to bolster the pallet’s ability to handle product.

In addition, we offer customizable options for our heavy-duty pallets, such as:

  • Rubber grommets
  • Your company ID molded or hot-stamped into the side, to ensure your property stays with you
  • An intermittent perimeter lip

Finally, forklift pockets ensure our plastic pallets will be easy to move. We offer four-way entry, and each pocket is large tapered, allowing for easy access no matter which direction you approach from.

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Pick a Sustainable Option for Your Durable Plastic Pallets

Polymer Solutions International, Inc., offers many products to help improve the efficiency of supply chains and storage facilities. We’re especially proud to offer many green options to our customers, who are just as concerned about the environment as we are. We send our products in reusable packaging to cut back on the waste flowing to landfills. And if you decide you no longer want one of our products, we’ll make sure it’s either reused or recycled.

Being environmentally aware has never been more important. If you want a company that practices sustainable policies and will still provide you with the rack systems you need to maximize your storage space, contact PSI today to discuss your many options.