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How to Properly Store Craft Beer

How to Properly Store Craft Beer

There is a common misconception that beer is a nonperishable item. This is a myth — factors like temperature, container types, bottling time and beer variety affect whether beers spoil or “skunk.” Consider our tips on how to store your craft beer for the best flavor and freshness.

Why Is It Important to Store Beer Properly?

Breweries do their best to ensure their beer will be fresh and flavorful after shipping it across the country or the world, but how it’s treated at the destination plays a major role. Proper beer storage is key to keeping the product from discoloring, skunking and turning cloudy.

6 Storage Tips for Craft Beer

Knowing how to store craft beer will help keep it fresh and enjoyable. Start by following these guidelines:

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

UV rays increase the likelihood that beer will discolor and spoil. Whether transporting it from a warehouse or buying a six-pack from the store, keep your beer out of direct sunlight.

2. Control Temperatures

Craft beers do best when stored in cool, dark places within 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep it in a space where temperatures don’t fluctuate, like refrigerators, cool rooms, basements or cellars. Beer should never be frozen.

3. Proper Storage

Using the right container is vital. Proper beer storage involves preventing any vessel you choose from being jostled or damaged.

4. Store Beer Upright

Storing beer upright is beneficial for many reasons:

  • Curbs oxidation: The beer is kept from the lid, minimizing oxidation.
  • Prevents leakage and contamination: Upright kegs are less likely to leak, minimizing contamination.
  • Skunk detection:  It’s easier to tell if beer looks or smells strange when it’s stored upright.

5. Keep Away From Heat

When storing your craft beer, ensure there are no heat sources nearby. Avoid storing vessels in areas close to radiators, stoves or refrigeration fans.

6. Consider Pasteurization

Pasteurized beer lasts longer and stores better than unpasteurized beer. Pasteurization treats the bacteria and yeast in the beer to minimize spoiling.

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