PSI Innovates A New Hygienic GMA Plastic Pallet Design
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Polymer Solutions International Introduces New Hygienic GMA Pallet

Company Contacts:
Ryan Overcash
Eastern U.S. & Canada
Curt Most
Western U.S. & Canada

The New ProGenic® GMA+ is NSF Approved/Certified, FDA Compliant and Offers Non Halogen FM Approval

Newtown Square, Pa., – July (12), 2022– Polymer Solutions International (PSI®), a leading global supplier of material handling products, has released its newly designed ProGenic® GMA+ plastic pallet. The ProGenic® series has established itself as the market leading solution for one-piece hygienic and washable plastic pallets for over two decades. After years of direct work with customers in numerous industries and distribution networks, this powerful addition expands the series’ size offerings with a solution that many have been asking for.

As the only one-piece, non-halogenic, FM Approved, FDA CFR-21 compliant and NSF-approved offering in the market, the innovative ProGenic® series has become the standard for safe handling in food, pharmaceutical and clean room environments.

The ProGenic® GMA+ is available in two sizes – 40x48x5.62” and 1000mm x 1200mm x140mm  (metric) which places it between the ProGenic® Standard Duty and ProGenic® Heavy Duty versions of the pallet. The ProGenic® GMA+ comes with a standard weight of 41 lbs., fits 540, 40×48 pallets per truck load (53’) while the 1000mm x 1200mm size can ship 7% more, or 576 pallets per truck load (53’).

Ryan Overcash, Director of Sales, Polymer Solutions, said, “Food recalls from bacterial contact is a costly issue today, so top food producers care about how their finished goods are distributed to retailers. Supply chain and distribution safety is paramount for our customers and the goods they are transporting. Our new ProGenic® GMA+ pallets are the latest in PSI’s market leading hygienic pallet product line.”

GMA-sized pallets account for a significant share of the pallet marketplace. The ProGenic® GMA+ was made to work seamlessly in high capacity and high speed automated systems, providing consistent performance vs. wood.

The ProGenic® GMA+ plastic pallet is sturdy and remains more consistent in weight, dimensions, and cleanliness over time, as opposed to most wood pallets. The GMA+ pallet is system-ready for automation, which is important as warehouses continue to adopt a variety of automated stacking and retrieval systems.

Serving diverse industry verticals, PSI® offers products at a range of different price points, with specialized features to suit the specific needs of our client base. Please contact PSI® today to discuss how your company can benefit from a ProGenic® GMA+ pallet at

 About Polymer Solutions International

Polymer Solutions International (PSI®) is a leading global supplier of material handling products to diverse industries including food & beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial, retail and others. PSI® specializes in engineering and manufacturing, reusable, sustainable and innovative solutions for a variety of applications that improve supply chains, reduce costs, and protect products. For more information, please visit: or call 610-325-7500.

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