3 Ways Consumers Are Transforming the Supply Chain
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3 Ways Consumers Are Transforming the Supply Chain

The days when customers walked into a store, looked at your product and then purchased or failed to purchase based on whether or not they liked what they saw are over. Today’s consumer has access to a staggering amount of information thanks to digital technology, which has radically transformed the way goods are supplied to consumers. Although there are many consequences of consumer impact on supply chain logistics, here are three that really stand out.

Fair Trade and Environmentally Friendly Policies

There’s that old saying: “If you like sausage, don’t watch it being made.” But these days, everyone wants to know how things are made. Particularly, they want to know that products are made using fair labor practices through processes that are considerate to the environment. One major consumer influence on supply chain operations is that, in many industries, if companies want to compete, they must be transparent about their manufacturing practices — and those practices must include sustainable processes whenever possible. Ideally, these are processes that eschew waste and minimize the carbon footprint.

That can mean everything from using recyclable materials to using renewable energy sources to simply streamlining processes to generate less waste to begin with. While some of these supply chain transformation aspects may be costly to implement, they may often be rewarded with a greater consumer base and greater consumer loyalty.

Reliable Order Tracking

In the past, you ordered something you wanted from a company, learned it would take four to six weeks for delivery and waited outside by your mailbox a month later, hoping that one day it would show up as promised. No longer. Today’s consumers want to know exactly where the package is on the supply chain at all times, and now they can — thanks to RFID tags and advanced shipment tracking software. Consumers also expect shorter delivery times, which you as a supplier should be able to provide with the right technology and the right logistical strategies.

Instant Feedback

Today’s consumers want faster and cheaper shipping, and they may have some ideas on how you can provide it. If they do, they can share those ideas with you through social media. Never before have consumers been able to have such direct access to the companies that service them, and many want to take advantage. You should take advantage as well. Making sure the modern customer feels heard and acknowledged is one of the best ways to instill customer loyalty for years to come.

Polymer Solutions International Inc. is one of the companies leading the way in helping businesses transform their supply chains to meet the needs of the modern customer. We offer sustainable plastic packing solutions, RFID tagging for improved tracking and experienced logistics professionals who can help you determine the best way to keep your supply chain current with the times.

Find out more about how PSI helps you accommodate the new customer-influenced supply chain by chatting with us via our website or calling us at 610-325-7500 today.

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