New Nestable Distribution Pallet Delivers Enhanced Benefits
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New Nestable Distribution Pallet Delivers Enhanced Benefits and Cost Reduction

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October 16, 2017



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Plastic pallet improvements include stretch film anchors, anti-slip protection and superior stiffness to better ensure worker safety and product protection


Newtown Square, PA: When Polymer Solutions International (PSI) decided to develop a plastic distribution pallet to augment their hygienic pallet line, PSI wasn’t interested in producing “just another plastic pallet.” The focus for a leading global supplier of material handling products for the food, pharmaceutical, industrial and retail industries was to introduce and supply the market with the best solution possible, one attuned to customer needs, yet at an affordable price. The company opened dialogues with industry leaders to better understand pallet performance and challenges in their supply chains. Augmented by exhaustive field research and laboratory testing, the collaborative result is PSI’s new Nestable Distribution Pallet.

The one-piece Nestable Distribution Pallet features several improvements that will be of great interest to supply chain decision-makers. For example, the easy-to-use stretch film anchor notch facilitates successful pallet wrapping versus the common but problematic approach of tucking the film end under a box. Tucked wrap can loosen during pallet handling, reducing wrap tension and increasing the risk of load instability, product damage, and injury.

Other notable features of the new pallet include ergonomic handles for the easy manual handling of empty pallets, a textured surface for anti-slip protection, optional grommets, and multiple pallet leg options that allow the Nestable Distribution Pallet to nest seamlessly with nestable pallets from other leading vendors. Optional leg configurations allow pallet owners to continue using their legacy plastic pallets as they gradually phase PSI’s Nestable Distribution Pallet into their operations, thus minimizing the expense of gradually upgrading their pallet inventories. The new offering also features an extremely stiff deck which prevents outward deflection that is common with distribution pallets and can reduce load integrity.

“Intensive field research and laboratory testing were completed to ensure the best quality product,” stated Ryan Overcash, Director of Sales and Marketing for PSI. “We developed pallet improvements that customers told us were important, while never losing focus on cost reduction.”

The Nestable Distribution Pallet will deliver superior value for companies already using plastic distribution pallets, as well as the additional cost justification needed for wood pallet applications that have been sitting on the fence about making a switch to plastic. At just 29 lbs. and without concerns associated with wood splinters or exposed nails, the durable PSI product compares extremely favorably to wood in terms of reduced weight, improved sanitation and damage avoidance.

The Nestable Retail Distribution Pallet is 100% recyclable, and buyback programs are available. Other options include barcoding, RFID and labeling.


Note to Editors

Experts report that 90% of product damage in the consumer goods supply chain takes place in the final phase of logistics between the distribution center and retail stocking. The Nestable Retail Distribution Pallet is specifically designed to reduce product damage concerns through such features as the innovative stretch wrap anchor, anti-slip surface, optional grommets, and superior deck stiffness.


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