ProStack 2-Pocket Racks

5 Gallon Water Bottle Storage Rack

The 2-Pocket is the smallest stackable bottled water rack in the ProStack product line. As such, it is ideal for applications where floor space is at a premium, or where shifting demands require additional payload flexibility. Like all ProStack modular bottled water racks, it is a highly durable product designed for years of reliable performance in even the most demanding environments.

Only Available From PSI

The ProStack 2-Pocket 5-gallon water bottle storage rack is exclusive to Polymer Solutions International Inc. (PSI). The ProStack rack has years of research and engineering expertise behind the product’s development. This patented system has been specifically designed with cost savings, flexibility and sustainable performance in mind. It is available in both blue and black. Individual units can be stacked on top of one another to offer a range of different shipping options.

2-Pocket plastic bottled water racks are built to work with the optional ProStack pallet. Unique in the industry, our pallets feature a double-leg design that offers twice the protection against forklift and other damage.




Reduce Leaks With ProStack

Count on ProStack 2-Pocket bottled water storage racks to protect your product better than anything else on the market today. A shock-absorbing enclosure cradles each bottle to reduce the risk of damage during transport or handling. At the same time, features such as reach-through access ensure increased protection against leaks doesn’t come at the expense of fast and efficient handling.

Built to Last in Any Application

2-Pocket ProStack bottled water storage racks are made from one-piece structural foam injection molded polyethylene plastic. Offering exceptional durability, our products are designed to provide years of reliable performance in storage, warehousing and road and marine shipping applications.

Compared to metal bottled water storage racks, ProStack products offer a number of critical advantages. Since they’re lighter weight, they reduce your shipping costs and are faster and easier to move around. They also have fewer maintenance requirements and, most importantly, are less likely to cause expensive damage to trailers and truck bays.

A Sustainable Alternative for Bottle Transport

ProStack products lead the industry as a sustainable solution for your bottled water handling needs. Superior protection against leaks means less product loss, while 360-degree stackable bottled with protection reduces wear and extends the life of individual bottles. As for the racks themselves, they are both reusable and recyclable. In fact, when your rack reaches the end of its operational life, we’ll buy it back from you at a reasonable price, ensuring its raw materials are put to further use in our manufacturing processes.

Want to learn more about the 2-Pocket ProStack plastic bottled water rack? A PSI representative will be happy to help you via phone or email. You can also download the available brochure for detailed specifications and more information about the many benefits of our product.


Download a ProStack 2-Pocket Literature Sheet.

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