ProGenic Reinforced Pallets

Strong enough for your most demanding jobs, ProGenic reinforced pallets are an ideal choice for heavy-duty manufacturing and material handling applications. Part of the Polymer Solutions International Inc. ProGenic series, these pallets are engineered to be easy to clean, hygienic and durable. They deliver excellent value for your purchasing dollar.

About the ProGenic Pallet Series

The ProGenic series consists of our 40″ x 48″ reinforced pallets as well as ProGenic-HD heavy-duty pallets, ProGenic-SD standard-duty pallets and a three-stringer model. Not sure which is best for your application? Browse our website or contact our office directly.

We engineered the ProGenic series to meet current NSF guidelines for safe material handling. All ProGenic pallets feature:

  • One-piece construction that facilitates cleaning and sanitation with a minimal amount of disruption to your workflow
  • A flow-through design that allows for quick visual inspections when loading and unloading cargo, reducing the risk of a packing or shipping error that can cost your organization money
  • Fire-retardant, FM-approved construction using a non-decaBDE plastic to prevent chemicals leaching into your product, while delivering superior strength and impact resistance
  • A four-way entry system for use with lift trucks and pallet jacks, providing convenience and flexibility in any warehouse or material handling environment

Options include an anti-microbial additive to improve sanitation further. You can also have your purchase hot-stamped with your company name or logo.


Features of ProGenic Reinforced Pallets

Our 40″ x 48″ reinforced pallets stand at the top of the ProGenic line of products. They are our most durable hygienic plastic pallet, capable of edge-racking up to 2,800 lbs. while handling static loads of 20,000 lbs. and dynamic loads of 5,000 lbs.

Choose ProGenic reinforced pallets if you are looking for a product that will handle heavy loads while meeting your NSF requirements. Typical applications include heavy-duty food and beverage, medical product and pharmaceutical handling.

Plastic Pallets and Sustainability

Polymer Solutions International, Inc. plastic pallets are the smart choice for any organization concerned about sustainability. We have been a leader in this field since our founding in 1997. Our plastic pallets last longer than wooden alternatives while actively preventing deforestation.

Best of all, after you finish with your pallet, we’ll repurchase it from you to ensure it is recycled properly. Our innovative pallet recycling program keeps old products out of landfills while repurposing their raw materials for other uses. See our Sustainability page for additional details.


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