DLR Metric Pallets

The DLR series of pallets is notable for its versatility and strength, with multiple unique features and optional upgrades. To meet the needs of a wider range of clients, Polymer Solutions International, Inc. offers a metric version of our standard DLR pallet. Measuring 1000mm x 1200mm, our open-top plastic pallet conforms with EUR 3 sizing, making it a great choice for warehouses and other material handling environments around the world.

DLR Pallet Series Summary

All DLR pallets feature our patented double-leg ratchet design. A pair of telescoping double legs provides additional impact protection, while the locking ratchet mechanism fastens the top and bottom components together with up to three times the strength of welding or snaps. High-density polyethylene foam construction is mold-, mildew- and bacteria-resistant, as well as decaBDE-free, fire-retardant and FM-approved. Other notable features of our DLR series pallets include a unique lower deck design that prevents damage by safely guiding in pallet jack arms.


Metric Pallet Specifications

Our metric DLR pallets measure 1000mm by 1200mm by 160mm, and weigh 21 kgs. They are rated to carry a 13,636 kg. static load or a 2,273 kg. dynamic load, and are edge-rackable up to 1,000 kg. Metric pallets feature an open top design for visibility, accessibility and lighter weight. Optional features include rubber grommets, an intermittent perimeter lip and anti-microbial treatment for use in sanitary environments.

We’ve engineered our 1000mm x 1200mm plastic pallets to be easy to clean and long-lasting, even in demanding work environments. They are ideal for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and general manufacturing use. Count on them to deliver excellent long-term performance and value.

We Are Committed to Sustainability

Upgrading from a wood or metal product to a plastic pallet has several benefits. Aside from being more durable, our plastic products are also a sustainable choice, as they don’t contain any wood and are fully recyclable when no longer needed. Plastic pallets are lightweight, which lowers your shipping costs, and easy to clean, which keeps your productivity moving — all factors that are good for both your business and your carbon footprint.

If you’re concerned about doing what’s right for the environment, partner with Polymer Solutions International, Inc. for all your metric pallet needs. We’ve been committed to sustainability since our founding in 1997, and continue to innovate with new products that help you ship and store items while minimizing your impact on the natural world.


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