36-by-39-Inch DLR Plastic Pallet

DLR series pallets by Polymer Solutions International Inc. offer quality and value, as well as several innovations designed to improve efficiency in your facility. Ideal for a wide range of material handling applications, our 36-by-39-inch pallets offer a smaller footprint than our standard 40-by-48-inch products, making them a good choice for any operation where saving space is a key priority.

About the DLR Series

All DLR pallets feature a dual leg configuration that offers two layers of protection against forklift damage. Pallet top and bottom components are connected using a ratchet fastening system that is three times as strong as snaps or welds. The result is a product that is exceptionally durable and will deliver longstanding performance, even in high traffic or heavy-duty warehouse environments.

Other notable features of our 36-by-39-inch general industry pallets include their use of FDA approved materials that are fully recyclable. A lightweight alternative to metal or wood that is better for the environment and more resistant to mold, mildew and other contaminants. DLR pallets include our four-way entry system for use with pallet jacks and lift trucks, as well as a lower deck design that reduces the risk of damage when loading and unloading.


Our 36-by-39-Inch DLR Pallets

36-by-39-inch DLR pallets are an excellent choice for general industry, food and beverage processing, warehousing and other applications. Pallets are rated for 20,000-pound static loads and 4,000-pound dynamic loads. An open-top design allows for faster and more convenient visual inspections when moving products and raw materials.

We sell both 5-inch and 6-inch tall versions — our sophisticated injection molding process ensures all products are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances, ensuring uniformity of size and shape. A 53-foot truck will hold 680 5-inch tall and 578 6-inch tall pallets.

Our Role as a Sustainability Leader

Polymer Solutions International Inc. is a longstanding leader when it comes to pallet sustainability. Our products incorporate innovative materials to reduce your supply chain’s overall impact on the environment. We manufacture all DLR pallets in a wide variety of FDA compliant resins and formulations. They are also fully recyclable themselves — when you’re done with your purchase, we’ll buy it back and repurpose its raw materials for other products.

Visit our Sustainability page for more details about the program, and to learn about some of the other ways our products will help you reduce your carbon footprint.


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