Use Heavy-Duty Industrial Plastic Pallets for Your Toughest Storage Needs

Keeping your product safe in a warehouse can be a challenge. While you have to guard against water damage and bug infestations, you can also encounter common problems such as an overzealous forklift operator who can unintentionally damage the pallets where you store your materials. Help guard against that problem with our DLR Pallet Series.

Solid Plastic Pallets

Durable plastic pallets protect against forklift, pallet jack and general impact damage. Ideal for repeat use, these sturdy pallets can cut down on the usual damage and debris you incur in a warehouse or shipping setting as well.

Our three types of durable plastic pallets are:

We produce each one with telescoping double legs, which provide twice the protection against forklift damage as single-walled pallets. Like all our pallets, the DLR Pallet Series has a four-way entry for forklift and pallet jacks, making it easily accessible no matter what angle you come in at. These solid-top plastic pallets make ideal storage solutions for pharmaceutical, industrial, food and medical industries. They’ll keep your products safe and allow you to concentrate on other things to help grow your business.



The Details on Our Durable Plastic Pallets

Each one of our pallets is FM approved, fire retardant and non-deca BDE. We offer a unique lower deck design that includes a pallet jack guide with tips on preventing related damage. This can be especially helpful for anyone who will be handling your plastic pallets. We also offer a number of add-on options, such as:

  • Intermittent perimeter lip
  • Company logo molded in or hot-stamped on the side of the pallet, ensuring everyone knows who it belongs to
  • Rubber grommets
  • Anti-microbial additives, improving the cleanliness of the pallets

The double leg option in solid top will prevent spills and messes with a closed-in top that stops your loose product from falling through the open grid. Rips and tears will happen, and it’s smart to guard against them proactively with solid-top plastic pallets.


PSI: Making a Commitment to Sustainability With Our Plastic Pallets

Polymer Solutions International, Inc., has been a leader in the material handling business for nearly two decades. We strive to improve our storage and transportation options to help your business run more efficiently and make more money. We’ve also made a commitment to help the environment.

We employ reusable packing materials to cut down on the waste that’s carted off to landfills. We make our pallets and stackable water bottle trays with recycled materials. We also will help you recycle or repurpose your old trays or pallets when you no longer have a use for them.

Contact PSI today about your material handling needs. We’ll help you find the best solutions to fit your requirements.