Who are we?

Polymer Solutions International Inc. is a world leader in manufacturing and selling material handling products throughout a number of industries. We specialize in designing innovative solutions for a wide variety of applications that help improve supply chains, reduce costs, and protect products and handling equipment from ongoing issues.

Founded in 1997, we pride ourselves on our engineering expertise and strong customer focus. Polymer Solutions International wants to be a supplier and resource for your material handling needs.

What do we make?

Our bottled water racks dominate the market – offering upright delivery, better stacking, and better storage for your bottle water distribution. We also offer a vast lineup of plastic pallet options to fit your needs: FM approved, hygienic, one-piece, solid top, rackable, reinforced, and metal detectable pallets (just to name a few).

If our world leading Modular Rack systems or Plastic Pallets don’t meet your needs, talk to us about a custom solution.

Where do we service?

Polymer Solutions supplies products to customers worldwide. With customers in over 90 countries, our customer service department can help arrange all of your product needs.


Visit our Contact Page to speak to a Polymer Solutions representative today!